It's not High School Musical

When high school basketball player Vaughn gets in trouble on picture day, he pins the blame on the star of the team, Zeke, out of jealousy and desperation. Vaughn’s decision to betray a friend sets off a chain reaction causing karma to swing back full circle.


Sanford Official Selection

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USAFF Official Selection laurels 2016


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Finalist laurels 2016


Original Narrative 2016


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Cottonmouth Short Film

The Team

Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers

Screenwriter, Director, Editor

Born and bred in Virginia suburbia, Richard got his start at the age of 13 creating bizarre comedic Internet videos leading to millions of views and thousands of subscribers. Not finding enough substance in YouTube videos, he attended UNC School of the Arts where he launched his soul-rocket of desire into the world of professional storytelling. Obtaining a BFA in filmmaking, his dream is to learn and master all aspects of the process and create comedic yet deeply thought-provoking stories for the world to see. Cottonmouth marks his first leap towards this dream, utilizing all the knowledge and experience gained from creating YouTube videos, watching filmmaker interviews, and illegally downloading movies online.

Isaiah Wolfe

Isaiah Wolfe


His grandfather a painter, his mother a photographer, and his stepfather an animator, Isaiah Wolfe grew up in a family of artists. Movies were the art form that spoke most strongly to Isaiah, and they were always a driving factor in his life. They influenced him in a number of different ways, including where he decided to get his college education. He attended the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, receiving a BFA in filmmaking. At UNCSA, Isaiah received top of the line training and mentoring from artists; Bob Gosse, Susan Ruskin, Lauren Vilchik, and the late Julie Kirkham. Cottonmouth is just the beginning of Isaiah’s career as a movie producer. Isaiah plans on continuing to help great stories come into fruition through producing independent films.

West Webb

West Webb


West Webb is an ASC student nominated cinematographer, raised in Memphis, TN. His most recent work has been broadcasted to film festivals across the country, just starting to reach recognition. He obtained a BFA in cinematography through the UNCSA School of filmmaking program in North Carolina, and continues to create content professionally in NC. West is a multi-talented filmmaker both onscreen and off-screen. The passion started with acting from the age of five, to the adobe suite editing systems in high school, and now sound design, directing, and cinematography have been added to his tool belt. West has been mentored by Michael Chapman A.S.C, Tom Ackerman A.S.C, David Elkins S.O.C, David Parrish S.O.C, and John LeBlanc.

Press & News

Headed to LA

The Cottonmouth team is headed to Los Angeles for LA Shorts. We will be posting pictures and checking out the competition. Cottonmouth is Program 31 on Wednesday, September 9am from 9-3:15pm in LA.

COTTONMOUTH is in memory of Charles Aubrey Rogers
April 26, 1995 –  June 5, 2015


Arri Alexa


Vaughn – Daniel Cavenaugh
Zeke – Donta Bernard
Mrs. Fial – Chantey Colet
Kevin – Harry Rossi
Cliff – Chapman Zon
Natalie – Sivan Ambrose
Kevin’s Dad – Keith Hobgood

Director/Writer/Editor: Richard Rogers
Producer: Isaiah Wolfe
Executive Producers: Melanie Clark & Jonne Setliff
Cinematographer: West Webb
Production Designer: Forest Walker Van Hoose
Composer: Kenneth Michael Florence
Sound Design: Richard Rogers

Colorist: Jack Caswell

Casting: Matthew Brown
1st AD: Ilayda Yigit & Noelle Aleman
2nd AD: Ben Pakman & Grant Conversano

Gaffer – Kazmo Kida
Camera Operator – Josh Ruffner

1st AC – Chris Ellison
2nd AC – Isaac Banks
Key Grip – Michelle Schireanafek
Best Boy Electric – Matt Roveto & Emily Morgan
Best Boy Grip – Salfrico Watson-Grant
DIT – Erez Bader
Dolly Grip – Michelle S.
Grip – Sims Wright
Grip – Kate Sinoage

Electric – Alex Pardo

Sound Mixer – Gregory Livengood
Boom – Ede Crowder
Sound Utility – Samantha Schellenberg

Set Photographer – Veronica Sandoval

Prop Master/SFX – Becca Gomez
Prop Asst. – Gabrielle Perez
Set Decorator – Ashlynn Kirkpatrick
Dresser – Joseph Bodsford
Dresser – Kinesy Rinehart

Producer’s Assistant – Colin Fracke
Script Supervisor – Austin Elliot

Foley Artists
Alex Nomick
Jonathan Gauthier
Harry Keenan
Dorian Thomas

ADR Recordist
Greg Livengood

Sound Engineer – Jayson Martin

Final Sound Mix Recorded at HOOZ AUDIO


Karin Harvey
Michael Webb
Shannon Wolfe

Thomas Campbell
Nathan Romano

Special Thanks
Clarence Gant
Nola Schiff
Bob Gosse
Bob Keen
Harry Keenan
Jeremy Darnell
Keith Hobgood
Manuel Da Silva
Laura McKinney
Lindsey Bierman
Erin Baker
Ryan Paige
Steven Unger
Bob Schaner


  • Ivan Alzuro
  • Spencer Lucas
  • Chris Fitzpatrick
  • J.D. Crabtree
  • Shawn Warfman
  • Aaron Gilani
  • Sam Smith
  • Rob Cawley
  • Karen Padilla
  • Todd Copley
  • Andrew Braisted
  • Matthew Braisted
  • Bobby Kirk
  • Chuck Porter
  • Seth Peterson
  • Lee Anne Russell
  • Bruce Miller
  • Yvette Golhke
  • Michael Webb
  • Betty Wolfe

  • Ciska Weber
  • Karyn Bolonos
  • James Noble
  • Apple Bob Braisted
  • Michelle Braisted
  • Reid Rogers
  • Ron Rogers
  • Randy Rogers
  • Anne Moss Rogers
  • Myra Rogers
  • Aubrey Rogers
  • Reese Rogers
  • Bobby Nimocks
  • Anne Nimocks
  • Janice Cawley
  • Larry Va Hoose
  • Scott Wagner
  • Karen Roman
  • Shannon Wolfe

  • Karin Harvey
  • Peter & Liz Keenan
  • Alison Clarke
  • Philip Schaedel
  • Matthew Wilder
  • Dave Diberto
  • Harrison Keller
  • Chad Knuth
  • Jim Webb
  • Mary Webb
  • Bobo Keune
  • Roger Keune
  • Bob Clark
  • Lynn Clark
  • Callyn Clark
  • Laura & Keith Boehling
  • Manuel Da Silva
  • Nimocks Haigh
  • Chip Haigh
  • Keith Hobgood

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